Perfumes versus Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils Can Make You Stand Out Like Cleopatra : Here's How

Perfume Oils Have The Power To Make You Unforgettable & Seductive Much Like Cleopatra 

Cleopatra's display of opulence and sensuality knew no bounds. She believed in the philosophy of "more is more," embracing the power of excess.

She used to surround herself with roses and even created a scented trail of flowers leading to her bed, enticing Mark Antony to succumb to her allure.This extravagant gesture speaks volumes about Cleopatra's unapologetic confidence and her ability to command attention.

She understood that scent has the extraordinary power to captivate and seduce, to create an enchanting atmosphere that increases desire.

Like Cleopatra, let us embrace the notion of indulgence and self-care. Let us be unafraid to surround ourselves with beauty and pleasure, to cherish the art of seduction in all its forms.

For as Cleopatra showed us, there is no limit to the allure that can be achieved when we dare to embrace "more is more." 

Ingredients in Perfume Oils that Make You Unforgettable 

When you have a scent that's hard to forget, it automatically gives you a signature aroma that is all yours. Our Signature Scents, Private Victory and Siren's Potion, amplifies the seductive powers of the wearer. 

In the making of Private Victory, we discovered that Thyme and Lemon complements Patchouli to create an expensive scent that appeals to many high-profile clients. People who want to surround themselves with a subtle status symbol  and differentiate themselves from the crowds tend to gravitate towards this scent profile. 

 Siren's Potion was inspired by the great seductress Cleopatra. In the grand realm of seduction, Cleopatra reigned as the epitome of allure and magnetism. Legends persist of her cunning use of fragrances to ensnare the heart of Mark Antony. Saffron, Vanilla, and Rose are among the most well-known and powerful fragrance notes in perfumery, and for good reason too.

The universal popularity of vanilla can be attributed to its soft yet intense and animalistic scent. Additionally, the pleasant memories associated with vanilla, such as family gatherings and holiday festivities, contribute to its allure. It's the perfect way to disarm and comfort your target victim of seduction. 

In fact, at Germany’s Tubingen University,  researchers concluded that “vanilla fragrance reduces the surprised- reflex in both humans and animals and the calmer you are, the more likely it is that you see the charm in everything around you".

Consider how you want your signature scent to make you feel

Your perfume oil is an extension of your personality and leaves a lasting impression.

Do you intend to appear more playful or serious? Are you naturally dominant or is it something you want to become? How comfortable are you with displaying your sensual side?

Perfumes should evoke a sense of familiarity while igniting aspirations. When you wear your fragrance of choice, it should not only reflect your personality but also embody the person you aspire to become.

Take your time, choose the fragrance discovery kit by Be Laris for a range of scents that is perfect on its own and spectacular when layered and get a $15 (CAD) voucher on us! 

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