Collection: Invites Only Fragrances

The Invites Only Collection

A perfumer's most precious secrets deserve to be shared with only their most discerning clients. For those few who appreciate the artistry that goes into crafting a truly exquisite scent, we open our doors and reveal The Invites Only Collection.

The Invites Only Collection is not for those motivated by trends or attracted to flash. These perfumes are for those seeking an experience that uplifts and transports. For soulful aromas imbued with magic and meaning.

While The Invites Only Collection remains affordable through meticulous sourcing and craftsmanship, it remains exclusive by intent. 

If you find yourself drawn to perfumes that express both artistry and depth of spirit, we invite you to get to know our craft and share in our passion for the olfactory art form. You may just find the scent that lays bare your essence, unlocking a thing of wonder seemingly created just for you.

How to Gain Access

If you feel our Invites Only Collection resonates with you, we welcome you to apply for consideration. Simply send us an email at "" with subject head "VIP" and tell us: 

• Any favorite notes or scents you particularly enjoy
• How you hope a scent from this collection may enhance your life

We review all applications on an ongoing basis. Those selected will receive a personal invitation and access to our current and future Invites Only Collections.

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